Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Week 4

Local New : Valentine's day is not celebrated by Islams but only Christians.

14th of February, is the date for couples to celebrate Valentine's Day every year. They go out for dinner to celebrate and exchanged gift to show their sincerely. But this celebration has be say as celebrate Valentine's Day is immoral activities. This movement is however disagreed by the SIS, (Sister In Islam). It is sad to say Valentine's Day is not celebrated by Islam but only Christian.
In August last year, Nasrudin said that Valentine’s Day and New Year celebrations were among the major causes of baby dumping in Malaysia as both occasions had encouraged liberal socialising and free sex. Because of this reason making them wanted to against Valentine's Day? 
I am not agree that they banned Valentin's Day. This celebration has been carried so many years, we should keep on going to celebrate this special day to continuation of human's love.

International New: Finally.

The President of Egypt finally decided to stepped down on Thursday, but had"no specific word" he will do so, the CIA Director Leon Panetta said. The chaos has finally coma to an end. The residents of Egypt have been celebrating in the streets after the announcement of President Hosni Mubarak's resignation but some of the Egyptian who supported Mubarak seems to be very disappointed. Hope their country will be lead by a good leader and no more protest or chaos to have a peace for everyday life.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Week 3

Local New:A Special Chinese New Year

When everyone is celebrating Chinese New Year ( Rabbit Year), while the other sides of people who stay in Johor, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan have to preparing to against the water . The worst-hit state was Johor, 42,302 people from districts such as Segamat, Muar, Kota Tinggi, Kluang and Ledang evacuated to 250 centres.Three people died in separate incidents in Johor and Malacca while another was reported missing after he waded into a swollen river in Sabah.
Their house has been destroyed, stay in disaster relief centre or primary school as their temporary home. All is water around their house, like staying in an island, no where can go.
I am the one who stay in Johor, Muar. I knew the feeling of sad to force to facing this terrible problem that my hometown was flooded, a special experience of Chinese New Year. Although  my hometown was flooded, everyone still want to go back to celebrate Chinese New Year and reunion with their families.I hope that Malaysia will be improve facilities to avoid flood again. 

My Hometown~Lenga, Muar

International New:Chaos In Egypt 

This issue has been progress for a long time, the President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak regret to quit his position and cause a big chaotic in Egypt. Murabak said he won't step down until the election due in September.30 Years of governing can be say as a long long time, people in Egypt think that he is getting older must be change their president. It is because he don't want to heard what people say, cause they formed a big anti-government group .As the uprising entered a 14th day, central Cairo's Tahrir Square was still filled with anti-regime protesters adamant that the start of dialogue with opposition groups would not divert their campaign to unseat Mr Mubarak. If Mubarak listen to his citizens, thing will get better and reduce injuries of citizens in clashes throughout Egypt.For my opinion, since his citizens wanted him to quit, Mubarak must listen to want they really want. He is the leader of the country, should be stand at the same line with his citizens and should step down immediately. If not, more people will be involve, more hurt and scarified will be showing anytime. 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Week 2

Local New

Recently a video has be uploaded on Facebook that showing how a guy was forcing poodle to stand with two back legs without rely anything. If the poodle fail to do what action he want, the guy kicked and slap the poodle and even punched causing it flung a distance.

The video was 15 minutes long. The girl who was taking the camera believe as his finance[Doreen Loo]. A lot of scold was posted on the Doreen Loo's facebook pictures and wall. 

RSPCA manager said, hand has been hold firms evidence, enough to sue the guy who was abused the poodle. Besides, will also appeal to the Minister, modify he existing animal laws. 

"You will not be so easy in your life!" Even a kid will sympathy a stray dog, why can't you just be kind to treat your poodle? Animal is a life too, without their accompany and help before, how can human live until now?

International New

Macau casino magnate Stanley Ho accused his family of stealing shares in his business empire and leaving him with 'almost nothing' after a share restructuring he said was done without his consent.

Ho had not authorised the transfer of shares in his holding company, Lanceford Co, to his family members, said Ho's lawyer, Gordon Oldham.

However holding firm Lanceford Co, whose shareholders include Ho's third wife and five children from his second wife, said the 89-year old billionaire had approved in writing the transfer of the bulk of his assets to the family.
'It is regrettable that Oldham, Li & Nie rushed to publicise these matters without checking the underlying facts in connection with the relevant transactions and we reserve our rights against that firm,' it said.

The chairman of the Macau's biggest casino operator SJM Holdings started out in his business career with just US$10 (S$12.79) and over nearly half a century went on to build up a lucrative gambling empire in the former Portuguese colony.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Week 1

Local News
1 Malaysia concepts

Despite opposition leader Anwar accused the Congress, "Malaysia “slogan suspected plagiarism, "an Israeli “campaign, but Prime Minister Najib Razak dismissed claims of plagiarism, and that this is the opposition to accuse the non-existent. He stressed that "One Malaysia “with the group he created the concept of brainstorming to create a new platform to consolidate national unity, and One Malaysia concepts was not copied from another country. “It is my own creation. Other countries may have a one this and a one that but nowhere in this world is there a 1 Malaysia: People First, Performance Now.”
Anwar in Parliament for a few days ago released "copy theory ", Najib said the opposition's remarks aimed at the destruction or contamination, "Malaysia” concept because this concept has been gradually accepted by the people. They (opposition) can not attack 'one of Malaysia' concept, they can not argue (the concept), they claimed that the inspiration or idea through from foreign countries, to undermine and tarnish the concept. This is not true and unfounded accusations. "
As I say, if “The One Malaysia Concept” really can lets people unite, who use the concept that is not the same?

International News

Sign of 2012 ?

In 2011, when the bell will soon ring, Bibi Arkansas town of the deaths occurred in birds. At that time, about 3,000 Red Wings fell to the ground suddenly starling. 3 days later, Louisiana, 500 dead birds fall also occurred. It has been speculated, would not be New Year's fireworks to be frightened birds. 

The mysterious death of a large number of animals, followed. Google launched a map of animal death. On the map, place the occurrence of death was marked with a blue point out: the United States, Brazil, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Japan... There have been some countries which fish, crabs, a large number of deaths. 

Google Maps for blue dot the West Bank from the Atlantic, the distribution to the European continent, the Western Pacific countries and regions, a full 28. The spread of the mysterious death of citizens of a global trend, startling and shocking. Some Internet users even issued a 2012 thriller coming sigh. 

It is understood that some of the foreign origin of the claim researchers. They believe that magnetic north is the speed of 40 km per year to the Russian region's rapid movement. This directly affects the movement of fish, birds and other animals of the navigation system, so that they confused the right direction, it did not promptly move the winter. 

Some residents initially thought that the birds might have been poisoned - as many think the large influx of the birds around this time of year is nuisances. One resident said: 'Millions, millions fly over every night. You look up at the sky and it's just black.
True or not, I might think that this is maybe a hint for us to show that the death of birds are because the change of climate done by human, or maybe is the 2012 rumors coming sigh?

Mystery deaths: As many as 2,000 blackbirds in the area of Beebe Arkansas literally dropped dead on New Year's Eve, baffling environmental experts.

Horror scene: Hundreds of birds litter a single street in Beebe. Residents are keen to learn the results of toxicology tests.

Monday, January 17, 2011

My Political Compass

First time did this kind of test ><~The Political Compass ~here is my result.

Economic Left/Right: -0.50
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.36